Dehumidification 101

Moisture is a common household problem that’s difficult to address once it gets out of hand. Excess moisture is known to create secondary water-related damage like:

  • Mold and mildew manifestation
  • Dry rot
  • Pungent odors
  • Vermin and insect infestation
  • Bacterial and viral contamination

To prevent these scenarios from happening, you need to act fast and stop the source of moisture. You can do this by applying the following methods:

Sealing Air and Water Leaks

Air and water leaks are two of the most common sources of moisture. Cold air can enter through a gap and condense on any surface. Similarly, a leaking pipe can create puddles on the floor. The only way to stop these holes from creating more problems is to patch them up. If the leaks are easy to plug, you can consult DIY methods to try to fix the leak. You can use canned polyurethane foam to seal large gaps and caulk for smaller holes. However, if the leaks are too difficult to deal with, you have to call the experts for help. Professionals can do a better job at sealing the leaks and have the necessary equipment to finish the job quickly.

Have Your Ductwork and Ventilation Maintained

If your ductwork or ventilation is underperforming, moisture has an easier time accumulating in your property. After all, the duct and vent are systems that carry air throughout your building, and they can harbor leaks or trap cold air in one area when they get damaged. In cases like this, you need to let the professionals have a look at your duct or vent. They know exactly what’s causing your system to malfunction and where the problem is located. They can also do the necessary repairs to keep your moisture problem from occurring.

Consider Getting a Sump Pump and a Basement Dehumidifier

sump pump and dehumidifier are two systems that prevent moisture from accumulating in your basement. A dehumidifier extracts the wetness and moisture from the air (which stops it from condensing), while a sump pump sucks water into its basin before draining it away from your property. If you’re interested in equipping these two systems in your basement, contact OX Foundation Solutions, LLC. Our fully licensed and certified technicians will install these systems safely and correctly.

For more professional dehumidification techniques, you can call OX Foundation Solutions, LLC. at 205-690-7272. Our services are available to properties in the Greater Birmingham, Alabama areas.