Foundation Settlement

A good sign that a home is standing tall is the strength of its foundation. This structure plays an integral role both during and after the homes construction, for it acts as the base of the building and keeps it from sinking into the ground. Of course, it is natural to think that it should be able to hold your property for a very long time, but depending on the given situation, it can sustain a multitude of problems that could seriously put you and your property in danger.

When your foundation starts to weaken, getting that sinking feeling is only one problem you will face. You will immediately feel your floors slant or become un-level, as well as see cracks form on your walls. Being in this kind of surrounding makes your living environment inhabitable, and repairing these problems at their late stages can put a toll on your expenses.

What Causes Your Foundations to Settle?

Surprisingly, foundation settlement issues and settlement house movement are pretty common effects, due to the fact that some forms of soil have poor load-bearing capabilities and buildings are not light structures. When soil compresses and settles, or a water leak or heavy rain occur and wash it away, it’s highly likely that foundation settlement will occur. Luckily, most structural damage can usually be fixed quickly by the professionals at OX Foundation Solutions, with affordable solutions.

By knowing the root cause of foundation settlement, you are able to delay the inevitable, reduce the damage that has been done, and have enough time to call the professionals for help. Other typical causes for foundation settlement include:

Nearby Plants and Vegetation

When plants grow, so do their roots. Those that grow near your homes can penetrate your foundation and create minor or major cracks.

Weak Bearing Soils

If your homes are built under soft or weak soil, then it will be difficult for your foundation to hold your buildings up.

Poor Soil Compaction

Properties that are built on troubled land could solve the problem by keeping the ground compact. However, some compacting jobs are not adequately done. So once the foundation is laid, the soil compresses and causes your foundation to settle.

Moisture Content

Depending on the soil that your foundation is built on, moisture can soften or shrink the ground. Without a sturdy base, your foundation will slowly sink.

Soil Consolidation

Adding too much weight on your foundation can affect the state of the soil underneath it. If it can no longer carry the load, the ground will weaken and your foundation will move down.

OX Foundation Solutions Can Bring Back its Strength and Form

Because of the many problems your foundation faces, dealing with the damage yourself is not a wise choice. Since the problem lies underground, you might destroy your landscaping, building, or foundation, without the proper tools and equipment. That is why if you need to have your foundation repaired the professional way, so contact OX Foundation Solutions by dialing: 205-690-7272 right away.