Foundation Stabilization

At OX Foundation Solutions, we highly recommend installing foundation piers to stabilize, repair, and restore foundation which has been damaged by issues related to foundation settlement and poor supporting soils.

Foundation Helical Piers

Helical piers are similar to push piers, in that they are attached to the foundation by mounting a bracket.

Foundation helical piers are straight, steel piers that have helical blades welded to each shaft. Helical piers work differently by including rotating blades that go deep into the soil. These can be installed from either inside or outside of your foundation, making it a great solution for most properties.

Slab Pier Systems

Foundation problems often begin because the concrete slab shrinks or settles under shifting soil, resulting in foundation issues.  Slab piers re-establish stability by bonding the slab to stable soil at greater depth. Foundation slab piers are straight steel piers that extend from firm soils deep underground to support brackets directly in contact with the bottom of the slab.

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