Helical Pier System

The Helical pier system is a fast and effective way to stabilize your structure’s foundation and slab. The Helical pier system consists of excavating approximately every 6’ around the effected area that is having signs of foundation failure. Once the excavation has taken place the helical pile is installed utilizing a hydraulic drive head. During the installation process the PSI values are logged every 2 feet. When the predetermined load value is met, the helical is terminated at a measured height and then a foundation bracket will be installed under the existing footing. Installation loads carry a factor of safety of at least 2 to 1. After the installation, you can either choose to stabilize the structure in it’s current state from no further settlement or you can choose to lift the repaired area back to a benchmarked elevation. Finally, we will cover and compact the piers with the existing soils that were previously excavated and leave the area landscape ready.

Advantages of Helical Piers vs Other Repair Methods

Helical Piers

  • Minimal excavation/disturbance
  • Typically there is no need to evacuate the structure
  • Fast installation
  • Projects are typically completed within a week
  • Opportunity to lift structure
  • Monitored and recorded loads during installation
  • Cost Effective
  • Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Sister Footings

  • Additional weight added to failing soils
  • No option to lift
  • Does not eliminate the cause of settlement – THE SOIL
  • No Warranty
  • Large amounts of excavation


  • Large drill equipment needed
  • Accessibility concerns for equipment
  • Typically no option to lift
  • Large amounts of concrete and additional weight added
  • Large amounts of excavation
  • Typically no warranty

Pin Piles

  • No monitoring or way to calculate load values
  • Utilizes 90 pound jack hammer for installation
  • Minimal to no chance to lift structure
  • Typically needs a sister footing to help with lateral integrity
  • Typically pipe is not galvanized

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